In the last month we introduced GitHub Actions as a infrastructure of the choice for Zowe API Mediation Layer. The main reasons were stability and ease of use of the GitHub Actions. With the last improvements around the High Availability (HA) within Zowe we needed to have a setup that is similar to the HA setup within Zowe.

The GitHub actions provide a neat option to start services upfront of the actual run of the pipeline via services block. Below is the excerpt from the HA setup of services. The full setup is available here:


New Foundation by Ed G

{Core} As a software engineer working in the nexus between mainframe and distributed environments, you can imagine the following scenario…

Say your boss/manager, who was previously a mainframe engineer back in the day, asks you to provide a GUI to improve user experience to one of the millions of API specifically used on zOS. Let’s also say there’s already an API to map the public part of a certificate to the SAF user id. But what if the highest level wrapper is in fact a wrapper around a HLASM macro callable from C.

What then?

As an engineer coming from…

Certificate ring in ESM (Key Ring by Denise Krebs)

{Core} By now, you’ve probably heard from your colleagues, peers, and in conference presentations about the many advantages of using Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe to leverage API services. Perhaps you’ve experienced first-hand how Zowe CLI tools can simplify CI/CD implementation, or how the Virtual Desktop helps to provide new developers without TSO experience access to the MF environment, or even how Single Sign-On and the API Mediation Layer Catalog can streamline API workflow. Perhaps you’ve read the documentation, and everything sounds good, the configuration seems simple enough, and then you encounter an unexpected bump in the road — the certificates…

Packages by Marc Falardeau

New version of the API Mediation Layer 1.15.0 was released on Friday. If you are using Zowe, it will be available to you once the Zowe 1.15 is released which will happen in just a few days.

Why do I write about the API Mediation Layer outside of the scope of the Zowe? Well, with the changes introduced in this release it’s simpler and more possible to use and/or package the API Mediation Layer also outside of the Zowe.

So what’s new in version 1.15.0 of the API Mediation Layer?


You can run API ML without zOSMF

This one is kind of a biggie. Up until the…

Pipes by Bill Smith

If you are looking into this article, I guess that you are developing some Java application running on the zOS or another MainFrame operating system and you realized that: “No, there really is no Java implementation for the function you need to call. No, there isn’t even an existing C wrapper. What the hell …” and this brought you to the exploration of the Callable Services. As far as I understand, the callable services are basically HLASM macros that the developers on the platform can leverage. I learned lot about the behavior and the implementation thanks to the code from…

Shadow figure surrounded by letters standing in the vista between books.
Shadow figure surrounded by letters standing in the vista between books.
Dyslexia by Tim Kvee

The book Dyslexia and Accessibility in the Modern Era explores problems that people with dyslexia face while navigating the internet and proposes solutions to help. The policymakers and web content creators can learn what changes to their content will make it more accessible helping us to build a more inclusive world. The book is available also as on a per chapter basis, which is why I will talk about specific chapters and their content in the end of the article.

The written word, including its digital forms, is an important means of communication among people. “The technological revolution,” whose origins…

The API Gateway is the single point of access which then directs the requests to proper services

{Core} The API Mediation Layer feature of the Zowe Open Mainframe Project is comprised of three principle components: The API Discovery Service, the API Catalog, and the API Gateway, which together provide clients with easy access to registered mainframe REST API services. This blog post takes a deeper look at the roll and versatility of gateways, why they are increasingly important in enterprise service provision, and how to onboard new services to the Zowe API Mediation Layer through the Gateway using a local Docker image. …

Half naked Frederick Rockwell by Petr Bezděk

The text contains key spoilers with respect to the nature of the game. If you plan to play the game, consider whether it is worth reading for you.

“It’s a gloomy evening in October sometime in the 1955. The place is the hotel Sunday not far from New York. I have arrived with Bruce to join the rest of our group of merry communists and artists. It’s time to show the old-school New York modern how modern art looks like.“

Hotel Sunday aka a small guesthouse near the Czech border. A place where the ghost of the 1960s in America…

Firefly inspired action-packed LARP.

Is it even possible. How? This can’t be me, can it? The short scene is replaying over and over in my mind. Me, one of the reavers, killing some innocent women and then meeting with others still covered by her fresh blood. But I am not a reaver now …

A short outdoor LARP set in the Firefly universe. We were on one of the outer planets, far from the alliance’s influence. The story started with two ships crashing near the station.

For a sleepy hole such as this one, this was quite an exciting event. …

Photo from the show.

I am still surprised I came here. It feels like admitting that something just isn’t right with my life. The place is hidden from plain sight, which is good otherwise I would probably chicken out.

A small underground bar welcomes guests. There is just one middle-aged guy in a decent suit selling overpriced drinks. I grab a beer and walk further in. The next room is full of screens. On one of them, there is a young couple kissing, on another is a woman with a dog cuddling with her. Plenty of choices for me.

I select the first kiss…

Jakub Balhar

I always try to find answers to the complex questions. Now exploring the world of Mainframes in the Broadcom inc.

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