Imagine the time at the end of the second world war. You find yourselves in the small village Borograv built around the castle with the same name. There is a dynasty of Szemési living on this castle. Few months ago your village was burdned to the ground and it isn’t rebuild so far. The autumn is coming and it is uncertain whether it will be finished by then. On top of that there is war going on around. Current ruler of the dynasty supports Ustas’s Croatia, while his brother supports Serbia and also there are some people among villagers supporting communists. On the background of these events everyday village life is going on including cmaller and bigger crisis among the villagers.

The event itself started on the wednesay evening starting with workshops and getting money and other props. I myself plazed a local inn keeper Adam Brazdenič. My family was here from the time immemorial. We never were among the richest nor poorest of the people living here.

During the fire my inn was destroyed, t started there, but I managed to get on anyway and start provisional inn in the tent borrowed from the prince. The inn was opened throughout the whole game and we were serving wine mixed with water and vodka mixed with water. It was mixed so that the players won’t get drunk. Small amount of the alcohol lightened the mood and simplified creating figths for us.

We had a half day of workshops before the game. In these workshops we clarified the relationships in the family and tried quarelling and arguing. We also found out what are the relationships among famillies, how does the religions and the nationlism works. We were also taught traditions and how does men behave among themselves and how they behave towards women. I would say that the workshops were very beneficial as they allowed us to become functioning village.

The workshops contained some scenes. In the first one, Nikola was caught hunting on the prince’s ground and we had to beg the prince to be mercifull towards him. The last scene was most important for me. In this scene the prince executed my son for starting the fire of the village without court. I was sure though that he is innocent.

My story

Death of our son heavily influenced my relationship with Katrina, my wife. So far happy and harmonious relationship starts to crumble, as Katrina was putting the guilt on me and couldn’t really end the sorrow. This line was the strongest one for me.

I spent most of the play time in the inn serving the alcohol, discussing their current affairs and listening to their stories. I was more or less prototype of the nice innkeeper, which wasn’t really working well for me. My wife started cheating on me with my own brother whose wife ran away from him and therefore he gladly seized the opportunity. Another one, who was misusing this were brothers Mickovič’s. Marko owed me lots of money and it wasn’t enough for him that he didn’t pay me back, he asked for more alcohol and later on he poisoned a guest of my inn using methanol and stole some amount of alcohol from me.

The game presented only few very interesting moments. In the remaining time I enjoyed village lige. I also liked the player’s enthusiasm, where they kept playing even though they got most of their stuff wet thanks to the heavy rains.

One of the strongest moment for my character was when I realized that my son had a child with Zoarana Svitanovič. I has a shock becauce I found out in the moment, when her father slammed her for inducing abortion. Since this moment I more or less hated Rinald Perlasco, who just helped her without trying to get more information.

Another of such strong scenes was building desperation from the relationships between my wife and my brother. The whole situation was getting worse and worse, I stopped talking to my wife and I found a waz to hurt my bother as much as possible. On saturday Aleksandr Svitanovic had to pay him 200 kun for lease of the fields. In the morning he was still missing 50kun. It was a lot of money, just to understand the scope. I made a deal with Aleksandr that when he will go to pay my brother I will join him and pay the remaining 50 kuns. The scene where he payed 150 kun, looked around and asked whether someone will borrow him the rest and I just give the rest of the money into my brother’s hand in absolute silence was very strong for me as well as the next 10 minutes in inn, where I was drinking in silence with my brother.

There was also interesting scene, when the brother of previous prince started to reign and decided to judge his brother who was pretty popular among his subjects. The villagers rebelled and attacked the new prince. It gave me a bit of an idea how some of the villager’s storms started.




I always try to find answers to the complex questions. Now exploring the world of Mainframes in the Broadcom inc.

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Jakub Balhar

Jakub Balhar

I always try to find answers to the complex questions. Now exploring the world of Mainframes in the Broadcom inc.

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