Midnight circus — Price for the ambitions

Midnight Fairy Circus by Nazim Uddin

I came here to become a great dancer. I came here to live my dream. We were totally fucked. The circus. How the hell have they been so successful? We have been together and journeying throughout the Europe for years and basically never were we able to fill the tent.

Every year for a weekend the event known as the Midnight Circus takes place in Prague. It is a Larp about the crew of the circus, the random visitors and players trying to peek behind the scene. Last year I was playing one of the players.

The game was a bit old-fashioned. The character’s and the groups were prepared by the players themselves and approved and then linked to other groups and the circus’s entourage by the organizers of the game. We were playing the crew of another circus which was basically dying and we wanted to find out how does it happen that they are so successful.

Is that actually the girl I saw in the mirrors?
But how could it be? That must be some mistake. It isn’t possible. But she moved the same way, she has the movements of the dancer. What is going on here?
I really have to find a way to stay after the show. That seems to be the right place and time. Is there a way to persuade the impressario?

The game itself has three main parts. First is the part during the day, which starts at around 10AM and is open to any visitor wishing to come. In this part there are plenty of disciplines, which you can attend for circus money. You get a small amount of the circus money when you enter the circus and you can get more of these for your soul. For players this is the part where they need to figure out a way to be invited to stay after the circus.

What the hell I am doing?
Nothing makes sense anymore. Maybe it is finally time to end it all. I am so blatantly useless. I can’t talk to the girl form the mirror, I can’t even ask the impresario for what is needed if I want to stay after the show. I can’t do anything.

The second part is public show, which is produced by the crew of the circus. It is quite amateurish, but open to the public and at least some pieces seems to be funny. The players have no real role during this part, which end with the outside fireshow.

So I really did it. I actually asked to be accepted among the stuff and they sad that I will get the audience after the show. This might just be the possibility for me to shine with all that I learned till now.
I feel optimistic. Maybe, just maybe the life still can turn towards better.

The third part starts after the show. This is actually the relevant part of the game. This is the place where the true nature of the crew finally shows. The circus is full of undead, fae and even a few humans. A reason to become one of them? Or just to run away as fast as you can? Hard to say, anywhere this is the time when the character can finally finish what they started. Untill midnight there is a place for socializing and enjoying themselves after the show and also for group meetings and at the midnight the game begins.

So the stupid wager about soul I played with another member of our ansamble means that I am going to die. Or at least that’s what the Cat Skliba says and there is no reason, not to believe her. I have to figure out a way to win from the impressario my soul and life back.
I just hope that Skliba will help me after the dance and the acknowledgements of her part of the circus. The part that consists of the dancers.

The game itself is the Texas Hold’em Poker, where you play with the years of your life and other worthy prizes for basically importals such as all the letters ever written to you. This part consists of 2 hours of Poker, where there are different and sizable prizes like years of the others and the interesting stuff that they decided to offer.

So that’s how my life is going to look like at the next year at least. I am one of them, maybe it will be possible for me to become the greatest dancer of all time. Maybe I will win that wish the next time. This time I am just glad, that I won back my own soul even though I have no idea what it will do to it, that I joined this circus of damned. Anyway I don’t care until we come here the next year, before that there is no choice for me anyway.




I always try to find answers to the complex questions. Now exploring the world of Mainframes in the Broadcom inc.

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Jakub Balhar

Jakub Balhar

I always try to find answers to the complex questions. Now exploring the world of Mainframes in the Broadcom inc.

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