Viennese dreams — Vol. 2

Breakfast in Vienna with a friend.

This is actually the third time in the last two years, when I travelled abroad with a female friend of mine. I get often asked, why do I do that, usually with certain level of: “Ah, So you want to get her in bed by doing this.” I can’t say that I would object to, but it is never my intention.

I just spend lots of time travelling and actually I don’t like that much to travel all that time alone. Bringing someone alone is fun and often it helps these friends to fullfil their dreams, which by itself is quite rewarding.

The good question would be, why I am choosing female friends. It actually never occured me until writing this to invite some of my male friends, so maybe I will try it the next time and see how the experience will differ.

This is actually part of the discussion on: “Can man and woman be friends?” My personal answer is, of course they can. I don’t think it happens often though and one of the main reason is that both of the people need to have a strong emotional boundaries and know very well what they want and expect and communicate it clearly. If their needs coincide, it can work, the same way as any other friendships.

From Zuzka taking photos of things inspired by Kim Jong Un watching things

And now back to the Vienna. I am coming to this city often during this year to prepare the run of the larp Together / Alone. In order to do this, I need to be able to help the players from Czech republic navigate to the right location in the city for the story of the spring romance, deep talks about nothing and long-term friendships.

Prater — Again, it is just great place to start. There is plenty of attractions to share adrenaline ride with and possibly get soaked by water. Any couple or group can find sometihnng to their tasting to bring them nearer to each other. Also the great wheel can be quite romantic, if you are into the old fashioned style of romance.

Entrance to the Prater with iconical great wheel.

There is a pirate’s coffee in the Vienna, I wanted to try it this time, but sadly it was closed for vacation, so maybe next time. I was sad, as I wanted to bring the image from the coffee to acquiantaces from the czech pirate party.

The Sigmund freud’s square is place full of great smaller and bigger coffees. If you don’t know where to go for the coffee, this is the place. There is also nice cathedral and if you learn a bit about Sigmund Freud, you have a safe topic about sex and how your mother / father is responsible for your sex urges projection and repression.

The place before town hall seems to host festivals more or less every time, I’m in Vienna. I guess therefore that it is a good idea to go there and try some.

If you like to go to the traditional Viennese coffee with romantic atmosphere, choose the Cafe Sacher top floor. It is in dark red color and a bit darker lights. Just great for romance. Bit worse, as they don’t have the red and darker lights is Cafe Mozart around the corner, but still it is at least 200 hundred years old and it is cool if nothing else.

Near the museums quartier is a set of 4 of 5 small streets such as Shrinkgasse and there is plenty of great restaurants and the atmosphere is of an old city, like few hundred years old at least.

And before heading to spend night somewhere you should definitely grab a bottle of wine or whatevet other alcohol you like to drink and just go lying into one of the parks in the center scratching each other’s back and talking about nothing and slowly falling asleep, until you either actually fall asleep or move for a sleep to your appartements.

Noon in Schonbrunn

One of the nice possibilities of the Vienna is the possibility to go bathing to the Donau river on the island of Donau. 10 km long island splitting the Donau in two on the most of the Vienna area. In the heat, it was at least for me life saver.

Even during three days, it is important for me as an introvert, to spend some alone time together with simple music whil doing something simple. This time it was visit to one of the museums in Vienna, the Albertina. I liked the not too contemporary art.

Alegorical image from Albertino

The only thing, that I still have to figure out, is how to spend the way back. This time I spent it by writing down about the experience and finishing other articles, and while it is a way I enjoy, I would like to figure out a better way before I will enjoy the whole experience with a girlfriend.




I always try to find answers to the complex questions. Now exploring the world of Mainframes in the Broadcom inc.

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Jakub Balhar

Jakub Balhar

I always try to find answers to the complex questions. Now exploring the world of Mainframes in the Broadcom inc.

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